Muotka is perhaps one of Lapland’s most picturesque areas and the short autumn brings an array of magical colours and contrasting nature.

It also signals the beginning of Aurora activity and some of the best Northern Lights have been experienced during this time as they dance over the vibrant landscapes. Muotka is also close to the heart of Sámi culture and this unique trip includes a venture to the fantastic Siida Museum.

What is Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), you ask?

The Aurora Borealis (named after the Roman goddess of dawn, Aurora, and the Greek name for the north wind, Boreas)

Is there anything more remarkable on this planet of ours than Mother Nature? Here, at The Aurora Zone, we’re inclined to think not. From towering mountain peaks to thundering waterfalls, underwater wonders to geological marvels, we could spend a thousand lifetimes exploring this amazing world. However, of all the incredible places to visit and stunning sites to see on planet Earth, there is one natural phenomenon that always comes out top in the “bucket list” charts: the Aurora Borealis or, as they are more commonly known, the Northern Lights.

The Aurora is Mother Nature’s very own celestial lightshow, a lightshow that originates 93 million miles away on the surface of the Sun and travels across the frozen wastes of space to create a spectacle that has mesmerised humankind for millennia.

The Experience

The short Finnish ‘Ruska’ is a time of stunning change and vivid colours. The desolate wilderness surrounding Muotka prepares for the oncoming winter with smatterings of snowfall and sweeping fields covered with autumn coloured leaves. The forests are peaceful and tranquil and only wildlife roams as they look ahead to the long winter. A variety of berries are in season and ready for picking and the Aurora becomes active once again.

Autumn in Lapland is a truly magical time and Muotka is perhaps one of the most picturesque regions. It signals the start of Aurora activity and witnessing the Northern Lights as they dance above the vivid, colourful landscapes is a unique experience. This trip will allow you plenty of opportunities to seek out the Aurora with three dedicated nights of Aurora-based activities. Enjoy a presentation which will give you a unique insight into the science behind the Northern Lights from a knowledgeable guide. Following this, you will then visit the Aurora Camp which provides unobstructed views of the night sky and allows you the opportunity to sit amongst nature by a roaring camp fire. In order to find the best spots your final night of hunting will be via car or minibus. This will hopefully allow you to outrun any cloud cover as you venture further into the wilderness.

The magical landscapes are peaceful and tranquil and a guided nature walk with a knowledgeable guide will lead you amongst beautiful forest and sweeping fields which are bathed in colour. There may be an opportunity to spot various wildlife and your guide will also show you edible berries which are currently in season.

Muotka itself is close to the heart of Sámi culture and a visit to the Siida Museum in Inari offers a true insight into this age-old culture and the traditions which have allowed the local people to thrive in the changeable seasons north of the Arctic Circle. A small gift shop also displays an impressive range of Sámi handicrafts which are an ideal souvenir to take from a magical holiday into the Finnish ‘Ruska’.

The Itinerary

    Day 1: Arrival

  • After arriving into Finland’s most northerly airport you will be transferred to the stunning region of Muotka, which is a true Lappish wilderness location. Following check in you will enjoy an evening meal whilst settling into your picturesque surroundings. Accommodation at Muotka Wilderness Lodge - where you shall spend the rest of your 4 nights.
  • Day 2: Northern Lights presentation and Aurora stake out

  • Following breakfast, the morning will be yours to spend at your leisure. Settle into your new surroundings with a walk amidst the stunning terrain or relax in the hotel sauna. Alternatively, if you would like to enjoy an authentic Lappish experience then an optional visit to a husky farm is available. Please see the personalise tab for details.

    Following a delicious dinner, you will be given an introduction to the science behind the Northern Lights in addition to some of the local legends associated with the Aurora Borealis. You will then venture to a specially created Aurora Camp amidst the beautiful autumn nature. The camp locations have been carefully selected to provide unobstructed views of the night sky with minimal artificial light. You will spend time at the camp (warm drinks and fire provided) and hopefully, you will get your first sighting of the majestic and unforgettable Northern Lights.
  • Day 3: Sámi Siida Museum and Aurora Camp

  • After breakfast, you will venture to the heart of Sámi culture in Finnish Lapland. Inari is the second largest town in the Inari municipality and central to the area is the fantastic Siida Museum which explores the age-old culture and the ability of the Sámi people to adapt to the harsh winter landscapes. The museum also has a small gift shop displaying a range of Sámi handicrafts made by the local people which are ideal for those looking to pick up souvenirs.

    Following your trip to the museum, you will be driven back to Muotka where you can enjoy an evening meal before heading out once more in search of the Aurora. You will return to the Aurora camp away from artificial light, whilst seeking out this spectacular phenomenon in a peaceful wilderness setting.
  • Day 4: Nature hike and Aurora hunt

  • Following breakfast, you will have an opportunity to explore the vibrant Autumn landscapes surrounding Muotka. The stunning wilderness is bathed in magical colours as the landscape prepares for the oncoming winter. Your expert guide will lead you through fragrant forests and over sweeping fields whilst highlighting any edible berries that are in season and would make a delicious accompaniment to your evening meal. You may also encounter wildlife as they prepare for the long winter ahead.

    After returning from your walk amidst the stunning nature surroundings of Muotka, you will enjoy a delicious meal before heading out for your final Aurora hunt. On this occasion, you will travel via mini bus or car which will enable you to venture further into the wilderness, hopefully outrunning any cloud cover. In addition, the use of a vehicle allows you to reach some of the best spots for potentially spotting the Northern Lights.
  • Day 5: Departure

  • Following breakfast, unfortunately, it will be time to leave this stunning region and you will be transferred back to the airport in preparation for your flight. Alternatively, you may wish to extend your stay or enjoy a city break in Helsinki. Please speak to one of our Travel Experts for more details.
Aurola Borealis - Northen Lights
The Northern Lights extravaganza
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Strandbu Camping under the Northern Lights
4nights Muotka - Autumn Auroras

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