Location: Monza, Italy.


  • 1 September (Practice)
  • 2 September (Qualifying)
  • 3 September (Race)

The race continues to be hosted in the royal park of Monza which is located on the outskirts of Milan, approximately 30 minutes from Europe's fashion capital and only a short car ride from the stunning Lake Como; this grand prix is a must-visit if you are a true racing enthusiast. Grand Prix Events has been hosting this unique and prestigious race in Milan and Lake Como with a tremendous success.

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The Italian Grand Prix (Gran Premio Santander d'Italia) is one of the longest running events on the motor racing calendar. One of the inaugural Formula One championship races in 1950, Monza has not missed any race on the World Championship Calendar since.

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Monza circuit is the greatest sports complex for motorcycle and car races in Italy and one of the most famous all over the world. It is within reach of the fashion capital Milan (Milano). 30-45mins drive in our luxury Grand Prix Events minivan gets you to this famous motorsport race track. It is only speed that counts at the Autodromo di Monza - the layout of long and fast straights not only rewards top speed, but also offers good overtaking opportunities, from slip streaming or late braking.

The Monza racetrack was created in 1922 in the charming park of the Royal Residence in Monza, and consists of three tracks: from the Gran Premio and Junior tracks to the speed track, which has raised curves for setting speed records and carrying out technical trials. * Only the F1 layout is in use nowadays.

With not many low down force circuits on the F1 calendar, the Italian Grand Prix at Autodromo di Monza represents one of the more unique races of the year, seeing the racing drivers optimise their cars for speeds up to 370kph! To run fast at Monza, the racing drivers need to sacrifice as much down force as possible to cut drag - they only run just enough aerodynamic load to keep the cars stable under braking and through the 'Curve Biassono'. A good lap time, requires a powerful engine to deliver on the straights, good mechanical grip to counter the lack of down force and effective brake cooling to handle the frequent harsh breaking around the circuit.

Italian Grand Prix, Monza
All Roads head to Monza
Monza - Italian Grand Prix
Monza Italian Grand Prix Winners
The Italian Grand Prix - Monza

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