Close encounters with wildlife make your journey a truly memorable one on this 8-day adventure. This is an excellent excursion for gaining a true understanding of the history of the Galapagos and the rare and incredible creatures that make their homes here. Indulge in the wide variety of flora and fauna as well as spectacular scenery on these islands. Get ready to see an abundance of unique wildlife including flamingos, frigate birds, iguanas, and enjoy some friendly interaction with the island's playful sea lions. Enjoy snorkeling, swimming, and kayaking in the pristine crystalline waters of this incredible area.

Tour Highlights

  • Visit Daphne Major and meet blue-footed boobies & Galapagos martins
  • Snorkel with colorful fishes, sea lions, penguins & turtles in Isabela
  • Meet giant land iguanas and giant tortoises in Urbina Bay
  • Walk through the sandy white-coral beach of Las Bachas

Day 1 Baltra | Santa Cruz | Embark

Ship/1 Lunch/1 Dinner

Arrive at the Baltra airport and transfer to the Evolution. Begin your Galapagos journey in Daphne Major Islet. Circumnavigate Daphne Major Islet which is home to a variety of birds including Galapagos martins, blue-footed boobies, Nazca boobies, short-eared owls, and red-billed tropic birds, amongst others. Then celebrate your first equatorial sunset with a welcome cocktail, followed by a delicious dinner.

Day 2 Isabela | Fernandina

Ship/1 Breakfast/1 Lunch/1Dinner

Begin the day in Punta Vicente Roca on Isabela. Punta Vicente Roca is a dive class snorkeling site, full of incredible marine life. Snorkel in the nutrient-rich waters of the Humboldt Current that bathe the western side of the archipelago and have a chance to see colorful fish, sea lions, penguins, and sea turtles in the water.

In the afternoon, sail to Punta Espinosa on Fernandina Island. Hang out with Galapagos penguins, marine iguanas, sea lions, and flightless cormorants. Then, hike across a cracked pahoehoe lava field to a mangrove pond that is home to many sea turtles and rays.

Day 3: Isabela

Ship/1 Breakfast/1 Lunch/1 Dinner

Travel to Urbina Bay to view land iguanas, hawks, coral reefs, and giant tortoises. Urbina Bay experienced a major uplift in 1954 which expanded the coastline and trapped various marine life within its shores. Highlights of this excursion are the giant land iguanas and giant tortoises, as well as the opportunity of snorkeling amongst marine creatures, or just relaxing on shore.

In the afternoon, explore Tagus Cove. Begin at the trail's entrance, and continue around Darwin Lake through a dry vegetation zone until you stop in a promontory formed by spatter cones. The site provides spectacular views of your anchorage in the bay, as well as Darwin and Wolf Volcanoes.

Day 4 Bartolome | Santiago

Ship/1 Breakfast/1 Lunch/1 Dinner

Venture to Bartolomé, an island boasting some of the most beautiful scenery in the archipelago. Bartolomé's landscape consists of a spectrum of features including volcanic cones, lunar-like craters, lava fields, and Toba. Its two breathtaking beaches are home to sea turtles and a rare colony of Galapagos penguins. Hike to Bartolome's summit and enjoy the spectacular views of Pinnacle Rock and the beach, where the crystal-blue waters of the bay cradle your yacht. After lunch, sail to Sullivan Bay on Santiago Island, one of the most amazing volcanic sites in the Galapagos. After walking around the remarkable lava flow, swim and snorkel with playful sea lions off two small coraline beaches or just relax on shore.

Day 5 Santa Cruz

Ship/1 Breakfast/1 Lunch/1 Dinner

In the morning, visit Las Bachas Beach, a white-coral sandy beach that is a popular egg-laying site for sea turtles. Explore a super saline lagoon and search for marine iguanas, flamingos, and many other wading birds.

After lunch, head to Dragon Hill, named for the large amount of land iguanas that live in the area. Take a short walk from the beach to a hypersalinic lagoon full of many bird species, including common stilts, pintail ducks, pink flamingos, and other species of birds. Then pass through a forest of the endemic Scalesia tree as you hike to the top of Dragon Hill for an impressive view of the bay.

Day 6 Santa Cruz

Ship/1 Breakfast/1 Lunch/1 Dinner

Begin your day with a tour of the highlands in Santa Cruz, the second largest island in the Galapagos and its capital. The trail passes through a number of distinct vegetative zones and affords explorers with lovely views of the islands's lush, rolling hills. Visit the Charles Darwin Research Station and view the tortoises in various stages of life.

In the afternoon, visit the Highlands, where the dry coastal vegetation transitions to lush wet fields and forests overgrown with moss and lichens. Walk to the Tortoise Reserve, where you can see these animals in the wild.

Day 7 Hood

Ship/1 Breakfast/1 Lunch/1 Dinner

Explore Hood Island, the southernmost island of the archipelago and one of the most popular due to the breathtaking variation and number of fauna that inhabit the island. Journey to Punta Suarez and witness the largest variety of marine iguanas in the Galapagos, masked boobies, and blue-footed boobies nesting along the cliff´s edge, as well as the famous waved albatross.

In the afternoon, travel to Gardner Bay, the breeding site of most of the world´s 12,000 pairs of waved albatrosses. Gardner Bay features a large white sandy beach where colonies of sea lions laze in the sun, sea turtles swim offshore, and inquisitive mockingbirds boldly investigate new arrivals.

Day 8 San Cristobal | Disembark

1 Breakfast

Visit the Galapagos National Park Visitor Center and learn about the natural history, human interaction, and conservation of the Galapagos Islands. View giant tortoises in captivity and take an audio tour. A short trail arrives at Frigate Bird Hill, where both "magnificent frigates" and "great frigates" can be seen in the same colony.

Return to the airport and began your journey back to the Ecuadorian mainland

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