Experience the Caribbean like you have never before with this luxury 7 Nights cruise journey that kicks off the 23rd of December. The cruise tour price Includes return flights and transfers. Business Class flight upgrades available from £999 per person

Cruise Itinerary

23 December: Bridgetown

Departure: 11:00pm

A Caribbean ‘Little England’ - except this one comes with emerald seas and warm breezes! Step back in time in the great Jacobean plantation house, St. Nicholas Abbey, followed by a quiet snorkel through the seahorses and shipwrecks at Carlisle Bay.

24 December: Bequia

Arrival: 8:00pm | Departure: 6:00pm

The tiny island of Bequia, situated within the Grenadines, has an area of only 7 square miles, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in natural beauty. As an island, Bequia is intrinsically linked to the sea and visitors will have the opportunities to take part in a range of activities along the island's sandy beaches and in the crystal clear ocean waters. The region is very sparsely populated and covered with a spectacular natural landscape, which gives it a distinctive and charming ambience, where tourist can disconnect from busy modern life and unwind in a tropical paradise. Despite the islands peaceful atmosphere, tourists will also find a fabulous range of shops, bars and restaurants with excellent cuisine and cocktails. Boasting lush rolling hills, pristine beaches and quaint villages, this delightful Caribbean island's tight-knit community welcomes travellers with open arms.

25 December: At Sea

26 December: Oranjestad

Arrival: 8:00am | Departure: 11:00pm

Constant trade winds and balmy weather make this a premier wind- and kite surfing destination. Take a spin on a banana boat, discover pristine Eagle Beach, snorkel at Mangel Halto reef, or visit Fort Zoutman - built in 1798 as protection from pirates.

27 December: Willemstad

Arrival: 7:00am | Departure: 11:00pm

A distinctive, sun-drenched Caribbean township with a rich colonial Dutch heritage, Willemstad features one of the finest city centres in the Caribbean islands. The port itself rests on the island of Curacao, near to Venezuela, and enjoys a year round tropical savannah climate with very low humidity, as well as refreshing breezes tempering the heat of its bright sunshine. Historic districts mesh together in the bustle of Old Town, where the sun beats down on art deco architecture. The waterfronts are crowded with buildings of every description, all of which are painted in bright pastel shades, from aqua marine to bright pink. Although it has existed as part of a Dutch colony for most of its existence-even its building styles are based on those in the Netherlands-the entire island upon which Willemstad rests has its own unique patois and culture.

28 December: Kralendijk

Arrival: 7:00am | Departure: 12:00pm

It’s hardly surprising that flamingos flock here from January to July and license plates carry the moniker – ‘Divers Paradise’. Kayak scuba or snorkel at Lac Bay, or share in the riddle of Onima cave’s ancient and mysterious rock engravings.

29 December: St Georges, Grenada

Arrival: 1:00am | Departure: 6:00pm

A beautiful horseshoe-shaped harbour welcomes you to the fragrant ‘Isle of Spice’. Tour nutmeg plantations, sample some of the wonderfully diverse (and seasoned) cuisine, or simply laze the day away on the soothing white sands of Grand Anse Beach.

30 December: Bridgetown

Arrival: 7:00am
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Cruise Exterior View
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7 Nights Silversea Caribbean Cruise

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