The Bahamas is one of the Caribbean archipelago's most iconic and popular cruise destinations, attracting visitors from across the world with its warm tropical climate and peaceful atmosphere. From the region’s vibrant capital of Nassau – a port often featured on Caribbean itineraries – to the smaller ports and private cays scattered across the archipelago, this blissful island chain boasts natural beauty in abundance.

The Bahamas’ miles of pristine golden sandy beaches are perhaps the region’s most popular attraction, offering the perfect place to unwind in the ever-present sunshine or cool off in the crystal clear ocean waters. The archipelago may be famous for its stunning coastline, but further inland travellers will also find an array of cultural experiences and historic districts, all of which are well worth exploring to get acquainted with the region’s rich heritage. The Bahamas encapsulates all that travellers have come to expect from the Caribbean – sun, sea, sand and a laid-back atmosphere.

Cruise Itinerary

06 October | Nassau

Departure: 5:00pm

Long after you return home, you'll continue to hear the sweet reverberations of Bahamian steel drums, their carefree melodies transporting you to a place where you're perpetually on holiday.

07 October | At Sea

08 October | La Habana

09 October | La Habana

10 October | Punta Frances

11 October | Cienfuegos, Cuba

Arrival: 9:00am | Departure: 7:30pm

12 October | At Sea

13 October | Santiago (Valparaiso)

From Valparaiso, you can explore the Chilean capital, Santiago with its lovely Spanish colonial buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries. The city is built on a 1,700-foot-high plateau and offers great sights like the pre-Columbian museum, the 16th-century St. Francis Church, the Plaza de Armas and busy markets where you can buy great hand-made souvenirs.

14 October | At Sea

15 October | Cartagena, Colombia

Arrival: 2:00am | Departure: 8:00pm

Cobbled streets, balconies with blooming bougainvillea, and pastel plazas make Cartagena one of Latin America's most photogenic cities. But it's not just another pretty seaport. Founded in 1533, this Spanish-Colonial city is steeped in history. Its location made it a popular port for plunderers and pirates. Today thrill-seekers will find a perfect mix of old and new with a twist of island attitude.

16 October | San Blas Islands (Panama)

Arrival: 1:00pm | Departure: 8:00pm

17 October | Colon

Arrival: 6:30am

Sometimes known as Panama's second city, Colon is also spoken about as the gateway to the canal. From the city, visitors are in an enviable position to observe one of the world's most impressive feats of engineering, The Panama Canal, and from its banks, you can watch daily life at this famous working landmark. The city of Colon's history is intricately linked to economic factors and this becomes obvious in the various sights and experiences that tourists can enjoy here. With its links to the canal and railway so evident, the city is also developing other tourist attractions to enjoy without having to travel far from the cruise terminals.

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